Doppelte GTA$ & RP in allen Versus-Missionen in GTA Online: 4. - 10. März

Gepostet: on March 4 2016, 8:31am | Autor: R*N | Thema: Spiele

Es ist allerhöchste Zeit, auf einige klassische Versus-Missionen und zusätzliche Modi aus dem San Andreas Flight School Update für GTA Online zurückzublicken, die fester Bestandteil feindlicher Auseinandersetzungen in GTA Online sind. Im Rahmen der Versus-Missionen-Woche, die von heute bis Donnerstag, dem 10. März, stattfindet, gibt es für all diese Modi doppelte GTA$ und RP, unabhängig davon, ob man als Spieler gewinnt oder verliert. Ganz gleich, ob ihr auf Community-Lieblinge wie "Top Fun" oder "Umschlagplatz" steht oder euch am explosiven "Parken am Flughafen" oder dem todesverachtenden "G-Einstufung" versuchen wollt – ihr findet alle Versus-Missionen ganz einfach über das Pausemenü von GTA Online. Oder markiert sie im Social Club über die folgenden Links:

Zielerfassung I, II, III | Air Force Zero I, II, III, IV, V | Parken am Flughafen | Korrupter Cop | G-Einstufung (Kalt) I, II, III, IV, V | G-Einstufung (Heiß) I, II, III, IV, V | Hippies zwischen den Fronten | In die Wildnis | Lass die Muskeln spielen | Top Fun, II, III | Laster-Haft | Umschlagplatz | Begrüßungskomitee

Aber nicht nur das: Ihr könnt doppelte RP verdienen, indem ihr unter Brücken hindurch fliegt und Flugstunden an der San-Andreas-Flugschule abschließt.

Um euch auf die Versus-Missionen mit doppelten GTA$ & RP und auf das Fliegen und Kämpfen am nicht ganz so freundlichen Himmel vorzubereiten, gibt es eine ganze Menge gehöriger Rabatte:

  • 50 % auf Fliegeranzüge & Fliegermützen
  • 25 % auf alle Kampfhubschrauber
  • 25 % auf alle Privat-Jets
  • 25 % auf alle automatischen Gewehre
  • 30 % auf Lenkraketenwerfer & Munition

Stürzt euch direkt in die Versus-Missionen mit doppelten GTA$ & RP, sobald ihr GTAV startet: Drückt einfach die entsprechende Taste, wenn ihr im GTAV-Ladebildschirm dazu aufgefordert werdet. Da es so viele Modi gibt, die gespielt werden wollen, ändern wir die Spielelisten alle paar Tage. Folgt uns unbedingt auf Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, dort gibt es regelmäßig Informationen dazu.

Schaltet am heutigen Freitag, dem 4. März um 23.00 Uhr MEZ, bei den offiziellen Rockstar Twitch- und YouTube-Gaming-Kanälen ein, wo wir im Livestream eine Spieleliste klassischer Versus-Missionen mit besonderen Gästen aus der GTA-Community spielen werden.

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  • R* Xon March 7 2016, 12:21pmFlag
    Hi all,

    A quick reminder that if you have suggestions or wishlists for the types of things you’d like to see added or changed in GTA Online, please make sure to send them to That is the only place to be sure your ideas are being looked at by the game’s development team for consideration in future updates.

    Also great to see so much excitement and anticipation for forthcoming GTA Online content updates – please stay tuned for news on what’s next for GTA Online here at the Rockstar Newswire.
  • gazika30on April 9 2016, 6:38pmReplyFlag
    rockstar games queria saber se nao vai ter mais DLC para o GTA5 no xbox 360
  • steronmanon March 24 2016, 1:42pmReplyFlag
    Get a ps4 there so good
    • billybob81467on March 23 2016, 4:44pmReplyFlag
      I can't help but laugh every time I see discounted property claims, it's funny how the discounted price is the same as the regular price. So as it goes I buy what I want when I want or when can afford weather on sale or not.
      • MISTER_X_PROon March 23 2016, 9:20amReplyFlag
        This is a really nice offer
        • lucas45645on March 21 2016, 3:47amReplyFlag
          Dont't do the old dlc away think about how you feel if you have no old dlc their are still more people on xbox 360 and ps3 then on ps4 and xbox one
          • Ryan1989on March 18 2016, 9:26amReplyFlag
            Now that looks cool
          • WarriorsOfTheOPon March 18 2016, 12:51amReplyFlag
            Wait Can Rockstar delete old updates like the Beach Bum Pack Business Update like delete all old updates and put new ones like low rider dlc it could change for all of us and we cant be left behind
          • Ricky6669on March 15 2016, 10:18pmReplyFlag
            im really sad lower gen will never ever get a dlc again it makes me think i wasted my money on gta 5 all i want is the lowrider dlc

          • StrikerBoy12on March 14 2016, 12:56pmReplyFlag
            criminal mastermind challenge recruiting, message me for a spot i will tell you the requirements.
            • KademMKon March 13 2016, 4:36pmReplyFlag
              Have you recently had the misfortune of calling Merryweather Security for assistance from their "Highly Trained" mercenaries, only to be informed that their target has slipped their grasp?  Next time call GTAX for a more thorough evisceration of any and all enemies you point your finger at. We won't stop at the garage door and call it a day, we wait outside. Or consider joining our ranks! We are always looking for "street trained" individuals to keep our  professional superiority over Merryweather superiorer than ever. Must be over LVL 100 with a KD ratio above 1.0. Communication is key so please have a personal communications device. Any individuals owning their own Hydra will be given preference. Any individuals possessing ingame knowledge such as, but not limited to; tricks, glitches, or secrets will also be given preference and trade secrets.PS4 ONLY! Send applications to BrickManifest or KademM94 , or apply online @                                      www.f**
              • PS4-GTAOnlineon March 13 2016, 3:22amReplyFlag
                Can't wait for DLC :)
              • HippsMcGeeon March 12 2016, 8:47pmReplyFlag
                Xbox1 gta gamers add BeeHippsMcgee to your friends! ;)
                • NikoBellicLSon March 11 2016, 11:36amReplyFlag
                  So what's wrong? The event is still up.
                  • unemloyed.on March 11 2016, 5:17pmReplyFlag
                    @NikoBellicLS I believe right now, they are working on resolving issues with the "insurance fraud hack" as I'm sure hey are busy, we can expect delays, that being said thank you Rock* for the ever diligent tech/support team.
                  • cringecreationson March 11 2016, 5:45pmReplyFlag
                    @unemloyed. that sucks :/ I know its not rockstar's fault (completely at least for examples like anti-cheat....) but i dont see how this stops them rolling out the new event?
                  • unemloyed.on March 12 2016, 8:16amReplyFlag
                    @cringecreations It slows them down, because they have to concentrate on fixing this mind of problem, as it ruins game experience for players, and also players are having money stolen, and in some cases they had bought the money, via shark card purchase, only to have it stolen. So it's a big deal.
                • smelrz98on March 11 2016, 8:57amReplyFlag
                  keep doing what you're doing R*, this game is awesome and its only getting better, don't listen to those ungrateful haters :)
                  • Niemand420on March 11 2016, 9:14amReplyFlag
                    @smelrz98 Constructive criticism is NOT haters. If people hadn't complained for so long Heists would still be in development. Everybody saying everything you do is great and perfect adds NOTHING to the game, the community or even the industry,
                    Yes, I agree that for rate of return GTA5 is heads above EVERYONE ELSE! But they are NOT perfect and pretending they are is juvenile!
                    That being said, the delay of heists was the last time I was complaining!
                  • smelrz98on March 11 2016, 9:39amReplyFlag
                    @Niemand420 I understand criticism and people wanting to add new things to the game, I for one can't wait for new updates to online and single player and I was also one of the many complaining about the heists, however I see comments bashing this game and the developers in general and just see them as unnecessary. As you said, everyone asked for heists and they listened and eventually put them in. A lot of other developers would find a way of satisfying their own best interest rather than the customers, and that's why R* deserves more than the treatment they get
                • incognito93on March 11 2016, 6:06amReplyFlag
                  Anyone wanna invite me to a active crew? I've completed the master mind challenge and all heists I'm rank 280
                • Oxirixoon March 11 2016, 2:44amReplyFlag
                  I need anyone that want to help me get Criminal Mastermind , I have played all of the heist except of the pac standard so yeah PS4 IGN:Oxirixo
                • jellyfishman420on March 11 2016, 12:53amReplyFlag
                  Llokinf for a active mc that's know the 1% life am on Xbox 1
                  • gTamasta2on March 10 2016, 10:25pmReplyFlag
                    Xbox 360 player just trying to get some money. If you can help Msg me.
                  • btk_killer_666on March 10 2016, 8:23pmReplyFlag
                    Looking to add to our crew and run heist with ppl PS4
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