GTA Online-Live-Streams in dieser Woche: Bass Drum of Death aus dem GTAV-Soundtrack und ein Crew-Zweikampf

Gepostet: on August 6 2014, 5:54pm | Autor: R* A | Thema: Spiele

Schaltet in dieser Woche den offiziellen Twitch-Kanal von Rockstar Games ein:

Freitag, 8. August      0:00 Uhr *
GTAV-Soundtrack-Edition mit
BASS DRUM OF DEATH ("Crawling After You" auf Vinewood Boulevard Radio)
BDOD stehen kurz vor Beginn ihrer Herbst-Tour 2014 und feiern die Veröffentlichung ihrer brandneuen Single "Left for Dead" aus der im Oktober erscheinenden LP Rip This. Die Band schauen bei Rockstar NYC vorbei und stürzen sich in unserem Twitch-Live-Stream in die Action von GTA Online.

Freitag, 8. August     22:00 *
Malicious Intentt gegen Old School Punishers
Diese zwei Hardcore-Crews treten gegeneinander an, um zu sehen, welche Truppe bei Rennen den Ton angibt. Auf beiden Seiten sind Rockstar-Spieler mit dabei. Wir streamen eine spezielle Spieleliste mit Renn-Jobs mit verschiedenen Fahrzeugklassen.

* Bitte beachtet, dass sich bei Live-Streams Datum und Uhrzeit immer ändern können.
Folgt uns auf and, um umgehend benachrichtigt zu werden, wenn die Streams starten. Und haltet die Augen nach der Ankündigung weiterer Live-Streams in den kommenden Wochen offen.

  • R* Lon August 8 2014, 7:46pmFlag
    Thanks everyone who tuned in and joined us in chat for yesterday and today's streams!

    If you missed them, you can check out the archived recording of our special cast with GTAV Soundtrack guest Bass Drum of Death here:

    and here's the Racing Crew Battle between Malicious Intentt and the Old School Punishers:

    As a reminder, all ideas and thoughts and wishlists for future GTA Online update consideration should be sent to where our dev team actively reviews player feedback.
    Stay tuned as we’ll have more streams and of course more game updates coming soon!
  • EPICxRANDOMER4 days, 16 hours agoReplyFlag
    Xbox one racing crew! just join. no invites
    • Thesniper412991 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag
      Enlist to US Navy PSN now! we are a military role-play crew in gta 5 ps4, we are looking for loyal and active members that are at least of the age 16, have a mic, and are okay with fallowing orders. our website is currently going under maintenance so message me for more info
      • Looking for a active Mc crew on Xbox one message me buck capone

          The take a look at what we can offer -
          • chapulinmak3 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
            My crew always active wanna make it bigger send me message im always on duty
          • Millzas3 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
            Looking for someone who makes good emblems for our crew los santos bankroll also looking for members if interested
            • SEBITO893 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
              • PackDaTruthon August 20 2015, 11:17amReplyFlag
                Looking for a active crew on xbox one I'm very active
              • erizabeth12on August 15 2015, 5:34amReplyFlag
                ♣im looking for a active Crew
                ♣im active and playing every day
                ♣my playing time 12hrs
                ♣IGN: Erizabeth12
              • REZZD0GGon August 13 2015, 5:45pmReplyFlag
                Madd Dogg Militants crew tag DOGZ are recruiting for Xbox 360! If you're looking for a ACTIVE crew who don't crew kill in free-roam and work together, back each other up and do heists races TDMS jobs missions and everything else in GTA message me on social club or request a invite to Madd Dogg Militants. We have a Lt position open and it has to be earned! We hold weekly crew sessions which we discuss crew business and issues. We also have deathmatches during crew sessions which span the whole map! (practice makes perfect!) that's also the only time we tolerate crew kills (unless you don't want to be involved!) most of the DOGZ including myself are online on a daily basis. So if you're interested or looking for a serious ACTIVE Crew for Xbox or a dependable ally message me on social club or request a invite to Madd Dogg Militants crew tag DOGZ! WOOF!!
              • RISEandFALL14on August 12 2015, 8:58pmReplyFlag
                Ps3 players madside mafia recruiting just started growing fast goin in
                • Call_Me_Leeon August 7 2015, 1:21amReplyFlag
                  post only for PS4 players - if you are active very often in gta then you should continue reading this are you tired of annoyn people ruining your heists & free play then you are in luck Nomadz Bori is now recruiting players we small crew but very united we host several heists a day & we celebrate at night killen all we ask from you is to respect crew rules (1) dont ever kill a member (2) follow orders (3) have a mic - if you can deal whit our rules then add me X8xLELEx8X
                • nathanESCO760on August 4 2015, 10:57pmReplyFlag
                  Anyone looking for a good crew just started thre dirty devals760 anyone can join put in work an u will move up
                  • SamcroQc123on July 21 2015, 1:48pmReplyFlag
                    Fonde le 25 septembre 2014
                    Crew SonsOfAnarchyQuebec1
                    Recrute des québécois personne fiable et sérieuse pour plus d'infos rendez vous sur notre site web a l'adresse suivante http//
                    • Wadrielon July 8 2015, 1:17pmReplyFlag
                      Venez rejoindre la crew BelzebutGore sur Xbox360 !!!!! C'est un rendez-vous !
                      • boogiedown77on July 3 2015, 2:43pmReplyFlag
                        Looking for a great new crew...I put in work
                      • rapidnoliaboyon July 1 2015, 8:06amReplyFlag
                        Crew battles? Hmu noliaboy5044
                        • Yeuf_Manon June 28 2015, 11:42amReplyFlag
                          Le French Outlawz Gang recrute

                          fondé le 14 Juin 2015 par Yeuf Man,

                          Bien que tous le monde soit le bienvenue le Crew a pour but de rassemblé les joueurs Francophones dans Grand Theft Auto Online, mais aussi de jouer dans un esprit d'équipe, de convivialiter et de partage. Nous somme ouvert a tous.

                          On trois règles primordial : la Loyauté, l’Honneur et le Respect.

                          Notre dévisse : Outlawz a jamais, Unie pour la vie !

                          Nous somme un Crew qui rassemble tous les styles de bandits, Bikers, Gangsta, Mafieux, pour des événements plus loufoques les uns que les autres, nous sommes ouvert d'esprit et a tous

                          Tous les postes sont a promouvoir

                          Pour gravir les échelons dans le Crew rien de plus simple, suffit juste d'être inscrits sur le forum.

                          Pour être représentant, vous devez demander votre monté en grade via la page Hierarchie du forum

                          Pour être lieutenant (seulement 5) une élection sera effectué sous forme de sondage.

                          Pour être Capitaine (seulement 2) tout comme pour les lieutenants une élection sera effectué.
                          • HappyMeal0923on June 26 2015, 12:14pmReplyFlag
                            Looking for a adult crew inv if open spot
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