GTA Online: Verifizierte Jobs im Live-Stream von Swiftor, mit Typical Gamer and XpertThief

Gepostet: on July 18 2014, 12:59pm | Autor: R* Q | Thema: Spiele

Update: Vielen Dank an Swiftor, Typical Gamer und XpertThief, die heute mit uns gespielt haben. Falls ihr den Live-Stream verpasst haben solltet, könnt ihr ihn euch oben im Archiv ansehen. Um immer darüber informiert zu werden, wenn wir auf Twitch streamen, könnt ihr einfach auf gehen und dort auf "Follow" klicken oder uns auf Twitter folgen, um aktuelle News zu erhalten.

Heute um 22:00 Uhr übertragen wir einen besonderen "Rockstar Verified"-Live-Stream, der von Swiftor gehostet wird. Als Gäste werden Typical Gamer und XpertThief teilnehmen. Wir spielen die neuen verifizierten Jobs für GTA Online aus dem in dieser Woche veröffentlichten Update. Ihr könnt die Übertragung hier auf dem Newswire oder unter verfolgen.

  • R* Lon July 20 2014, 11:27amFlag
    Hey everyone,

    Hope you’re enjoying the archived video of Friday’s stream with Swiftor, Typical Gamer and XpertThief.

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    And for those with any GTA Online suggestions, you can send those to us at where our devs are reviewing player feedback for consideration in future updates.

    Any unrelated questions for us can be sent to where we’re happy to have a look.
  • jul9911on August 12 2014, 1:07pmReplyFlag
    3 hot GTA Captures

    A Big Shovel

    2-16 Players
    Weapon: Micro-MP
    Target: The Digger at the construction site
    AI`s: The Construction site workers, no cops! Traffic on
    Respawn:on foot

    Each team respawns infront of the construction site. Steal the Digger and try deliver it to the parking lot in North Vinewood. Beware, that thing is slow ... your team needs to cover you while the other team is hunting the Digger.
    Destroying the target will let it respawn at the construction site....
    Kill the driver or kill the whole delievery...
    Really intensive and funny, my friends couldnt stop laughing ...

    My hint: Destroy the Digger if its close to enemys delieverypoint ... find out by yourself

    Nice Stretch, chick's

    2-16 Players
    Weapon: Micro-MP
    Target: The stretch limo at Vinewood Blvd.
    AI`s: Three VIP guards, no cops! Traffic on
    Respawn cars: Team 1 Gauntlet, Team 2 Dominator

    One limo - two teams. If you destroy the car, it respawns at the Blvd. You respawn in a muscle car, to chase the thief in the limo. The Bases are on different sites, makes it very intereseting and funny.
    Cover your teammate when stolen de car. The other team is chasing that ride

    My hint: Look out for plant bombs, very usefull to stop the thief ...

    Deliveryman on Bicycle

    2-16 Players
    Weapon: Micro-MP
    Target: Whippet Racing Bike
    AI`s: Some Lost guys and cops! Traffic on
    Respawn cars: Sanchez

    Each team is trying to get one Whippet Racing Bike.
    Steal the bike from the Bikedealer and drive it to the Supermarket, deliver it there. Watch out, deliverypoints are side by side. Notice, team 1 cant steal the bike from team 2! Each team has a different target, but same mission. If you die you spawn on a sanchez to hunt the delieveryman.
    You will have a big laugh for sure, but you also need to be conentrated!

    My hint: If you killed the enemy thief, use their target bike and drive backways, so its more difficult for the other team to deliver it cause they have to drive the whole road again...
    • jul9911on August 11 2014, 2:18pmReplyFlag
      Hello Community,
      Hello Rockstar,

      i`ve invested several hours again to create some really nice Captures.
      This is what GTA is all about ...

      They are all made for giving you the ultimate Capture Feeling. Try them, and im sure you will atleast bookmark one which suits "your gamestyle"

      @ Rockstar - you should try them out -

      Just a hint:
      Have atleast 4 players, 2 on 2 minimum (else its not fun)
      Beeing on Voicechat is a big advantage, teamwork ist mostly a must be!

      Right, here we go:

      #1 Takeaway Michael`s Mills

      Teams: 2 - 16 players max
      Target: Michael`s money bag located at his house.
      Respawn Car: Bati 801
      Weapons: Micro-MP

      Mission: Bring the bag to your base. If enemy team catched the bag, chase em on the bike. Try catch him before he arrives.
      #2 Franklins Golden Life

      Teams: 2 - 16 players max
      Target: Franklin`s goldchains in the bag located at his house. (Chop`s place)
      Respawn Car: Team 1 - Felon GT, Team 2 - Zion
      Weapons: Micro-MP

      Mission: Bring the bag to your base. If enemy team catched the bag, chase em. Try catch him before he arrives.
      # 3 Bombing Trevor

      Teams: 2 - 16 players max
      Target: Trevor`s trailer house.
      Respawn Car: Dune Buggy
      Weapons: Grenade Launcher

      Mission: Bring the suitcase to your base. If enemy team catched the bag, chase em. The deliverypoint is the same for both teams, be sure enemy team is not waiting there for you - call your teammates for support.

      More will follow! Don`t miss them!
      • LightMoDzon August 5 2014, 11:15pmReplyFlag
        I love how they edited the video to not show ChRoMeXMoDz hacking the live stream LOL
        • RealRocketRacconon August 4 2014, 8:42amReplyFlag
          I wish we were able to have access to the pet store. It would be cool if you were able to buy dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, and wild animals like alligators, and komodo dragons.
        • Ricksteepleson August 4 2014, 4:27amReplyFlag
          does anyone know Rockstar support email?
          • drewshepherdon August 3 2014, 10:16pmReplyFlag
            they should make it so the cops arrest us and put us in jail instead of kill us
            • smileylds123on August 4 2014, 11:33amReplyFlag
              @drewshepherd i agree and have like a full gta day in prison trying to survive and u shank people and do other jobs for people to earn rep. something like dead to rights coz i know he was in prison. i know it was on ps2.
          • drewshepherdon August 3 2014, 10:11pmReplyFlag
            rockstar fix the spawn for anything i get from pegasus it would teleport to the military base from the city
            • smileylds123on August 2 2014, 9:39amReplyFlag
              Ive noticed that the cargo bob is now alot slower and it duzernt fly so high in the air anymore its either coz of the DB RP or they've made it harder. Even roof top is brutal. they know where u are u dont get a chance to shoot them once they spot you.

              Please fix this rockstar thank you.
              • smileylds123on August 2 2014, 2:05amReplyFlag
                really rockstar really. I failed the misson coz i was out of bounds i was at the same building i was just up to high wtf is that about it wud be ok if i was out of the area but i waseernt.
                • b-nArmzon July 30 2014, 12:32pmReplyFlag
                  C.O.L.D- Cycle Of Life & Death
                  • greatleron July 27 2014, 5:22pmReplyFlag
                    hi guys
                    XpertThief did a video on one of my maps as i recently found out via youtube:
                    my first deatmatch i ever created was (i cant believe it!) voted best user-created missions so far on totalxbox :
                    but maybe you can look up some of my 'normal' dm or racing jobs like this:






                    videos about some of my maps:

                    thx for checking it out ! greatler
                    • itDeserton July 24 2014, 7:19pmReplyFlag
                      try my tdms and 4 itdesert,gtaonline,tdm/race
                      • BumpyRogueon July 23 2014, 11:24amReplyFlag
                        • Macarramanon July 23 2014, 4:57amReplyFlag
                          Funny Races.

                          Skyscraper Racer:

                          Overhaulin' 4:

                          Terminal Freestyler:

                          Airport Roofpark Mania:

                          Basketball Sport Cars:

                          Terminal Super Reception:

                          Docks Connection:

                          Harbor Easy Roofs:

                          Mount Garbage Hood:

                          For skilled racers.
                          I created more than 175 races, if you want more, you give me a shout.
                          Peace bros.
                          • Macarramanon July 23 2014, 5:10amReplyFlag
                            @Macarraman Advice: These are NOT Gran Turismo or F1 style races, WE ARE ON GTA.
                            THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF GTA
                        • tonymontanadu91on July 23 2014, 3:43amReplyFlag
                          hi, race trial 4X4 - 6X6 (sandking - dubsta ) hard:

                          • franjdgreenowon July 22 2014, 4:35pmReplyFlag
                            Give this race a try on xbox
                            Simeon's Super Bike -
                            • Gem_City_Soldieron July 22 2014, 1:19pmReplyFlag
                              This is one EPIC race....
                              • starlynation809on July 21 2014, 3:37pmReplyFlag
                                looks like fun
                                • kingofnuthin1980on July 21 2014, 3:08pmReplyFlag
                                  hey fellas.. wanna race a championship in Los Santos? Here you go:


                                  I will update this List with more races for the ultimate Grand Prix Championship experience.

                                  If you like it, please leave a comment or feel free to like, bookmark and share my races.

                                  • degs..on July 22 2014, 4:24amReplyFlag
                                    @kingofnuthin1980 tried to look at your playlist but its not loading, can you add me so we can check out your races, our crew mainly does GP/TT races it would be nice to see what someone else has done
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