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Rockstar San Diego
Animation Programmer

Rockstar San Diego is looking for an energetic programmer to help increase the features and capabilities of our animation technologies.


  • Work with others to create our next generation animation system that includes motion-capture, facial animation, parameterized motion, and procedural animation tools and technologies.
  • Develop tools and assist in their use by project animation programmers and content creators.
  • Maintain and extend the development of our current character/creature animation system.
  • Work closely with game project teams to assist in integrating animation technology into games, identifying extensions to that technology, and creating those improvements.


  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills.
  • Good "can do" attitude with a service oriented personality.
  • Some experience with game characters and solving animation problems with game development.
  • Being versatile and regularly proving a readiness to tackle new challenges.
  • Passionate about playing and making games!


  • At least 2 years of programming experience with game development.
  • Understanding of the interaction between the player, AI, physics and animation.
  • Familiarity with inverse kinematics, forward kinematics, animation compression schemes, animation blending and morph targets.
  • Ability to independently develop cutting edge animation technology based latest animation research papers.
  • Experience with multithreaded/SPU programming.
  • At least one shipped console or PC title; preferably on the Xbox 360 and/ or the Playstation 3 console.
  • Professional experience on 1 or more character based games.