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Rockstar NYC
Data Scientist

Rockstar Games are seeking an experienced data scientist to join our Analytics practice and help advance our business intelligence capabilities. Successful candidates will work with analytics and product leadership to assure that the most relevant real-time and historical data is identified, tracked, analyzed, and made actionable across all of our games.


  • Partner with analysts and live producers to identify strategic business questions, key metrics, and actionable insights.
  • Provide consumer-ready analysis to Analytics team leadership, live producers, product managers and partner groups.
  • Assure Rockstar’s ongoing competitive advantage through best-in-class business and game data analysis.
  • Initiate and carry out analytic experiments aligned with long-term, strategic initiatives.
  • Combine great data analytics skills with strong business acumen to provide insights that will drive continued success.
  • Design, develop and deliver machine learning enabled solutions to address critical business or game questions.
  • Design and build validation tests to assess the efficiency of the model (or algorithm) in place and provide strategic insights to stakeholders.
  • Conduct proactive in-depth analysis and predictive modeling to uncover hidden opportunities.
  • Develop mechanisms to objectively measure the performance of initiatives and propose recommendations for improvement.
  • Develop frameworks, models, tools, and processes to ensure data influences decisions at all levels.
  • Work within a team of data analysts and engineers.


  • 2+ years in a similar position or a data science role in the marketing, finance, forensics or technology fields
  • Bachelor’s degree in a Computer Science with a strong quantitative background.
  • Graduate degree (MBA, MSc or master’s, PHD), an asset.
  • Extensive knowledge of machine learning techniques, languages and systems (Python, Matlab, R, SAS) required.
  • Fluency in SQL (or a SQL-like language) required, other programming experience highly preferred.
  • Experience with Vertica and Hadoop, an asset.
  • Game industry experience strongly desired.


  • Ability to develop and maintain good relations and communicate with people at all hierarchical levels.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to reconcile technical and business perspectives.
  • Autonomy and entrepreneurship.
  • Strong team spirit.
  • Passion for Rockstar Games and our titles.