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Rockstar North
Senior Engine Programmer

Rockstar North is looking for exceptional software engineers to join our international Rockstar engine team. We need some of the world’s most skilled engineers to develop bleeding edge architectures, to evolve and expand our engine, and help us build tools and systems that make it fast, flexible and easy to use. Rockstar is a tight community and highly collaborative, so you will need to be able to communicate easily and effectively with fellow coders, designers and artists.


  • Cooperate with artists, designers and other coders on how to best utilize the current technology.
  • Perform research to acquire new knowledge necessary to perform tasks and continue the technological evolution of the game.
  • Develop high performance and easy to use tools and systems for streaming, world representation, rendering, and other subsystems.
  • Diagnose game performance and stability issues, and develop solutions.
  • Accurately estimate schedules and deliver high quality work products to that schedule.
  • Mentor and guide fellow coders.


  • Mathematics/computer science degree or equivalent.
  • Experience in any of the following: open world streaming, advanced scene management techniques, multi-threaded rendering, high performance graphics, physics or low-level animation.
  • Fluency in C / C++ with strong multi-threaded programming skills.
  • Strong mathematics skills, including proficiency with trigonometry and linear algebra.
  • Extensive experience with code and data optimization.
  • Expert at debugging complex stability issues.
  • A minimum of 4 years’ game programming experience in an engine role.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills, experience working with designers, artists and fellow coders.


  • Self-motivated, and willing to pitch in on many areas of development.
  • Passion for technology and games, in-depth familiarity of Rockstar products is a massive plus.
  • Fluency in assembly and/or SIMD programming.


  • Salary: Competitive.
  • Contract: Full-time.
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • This position has an opening date of October 2nd 2015 and a closing date of November 2nd 2015.