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Rockstar San Diego
Technical Animator

The Technical Animator supports the production pipeline used by animators/artists, and ensures that the animation team has all of the relevant tools and workflows they need to operate at peak efficiency. Follows direction from animation/art team on an optimal CG look, and ensures that all character assets in the game are being built to withstand performance and memory requirements. Design, create and maintain smooth running asset pipelines, while proactively identifying potential issues before they arise. Develop and refine tools to enable Animation and Character teams with efficient and intuitive workflows - research creative implementation solutions and extend the toolset as required.

Represent team requirements within the studio TD group, providing input to help influence the technological direction of the studio.


  • Reports to the Lead Animator
  • Collaborate with animators to design motion controls
  • Work with the modelers to help create character models that meet technical and animation needs
  • Capable of writing pipeline tools to streamline the character setup process
  • Develop new techniques and processes to solve character production challenges
  • Working with Python/MaxScript/MEL scripts to automate the character animation process
  • Working with 3rd party software for viewing and effecting character animations in the game engine
  • Assisting with dynamics and in-game physics
  • Designing and implementing efficient character/weapon/vehicle rigs for the project
  • Tasks include: Technical animation, tool development, skinning of characters and rigging of characters


  • 5+ years experience in Computer Graphics
  • 3+ years experience on console game development
  • Computer Programming/Scripting experience (e.g. C++, MaxScript, Python, Ruby, MEL, Etc…)
  • Strong knowledge of Motion Builder 2012, 3D Max 2012, Maya 8+
  • Knowledge of MaxScript/Python as well as Ruby scripting
  • Strong understanding of both Figure and Facial Anatomy
  • Experience with setting up production pipelines while being able to follow guidelines
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills


  • Additional background in Film or TV VFX is a plus

Experience in UI design for animation tool layout

Additional Information

Demo Reel Requirements:

  • Demonstrates tools and a concise and practical character rig design and implementation
  • Show in-game or movie footage of self designed rigs used in production