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Rockstar San Diego
Physics Programmer

Rockstar San Diego is looking for an energetic programmer to help increase the features and capabilities of our physics technologies. We are looking for someone who is not afraid of new challenges and wants to work on a technology team and company that is focused on redefining the physical realism experienced in video games.


  • Maintain and enhance the stability, quality, and variety of game physics elements such as ragdolls, vehicle dynamics, rope, fragments, etc.
  • Maintain, support and optimize the existing physics code and assist in its practical applications within the game projects.
  • Work closely with the game project teams to assist with integrating and extending the physics engine.


  • At least 2 years of programming experience with emphasis on physics and/or vehicle dynamics.
  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills.
  • Superior 3D math skills.
  • Good "can do" attitude with a service-oriented personality.
  • Being versatile and regularly proving a readiness to tackle new challenges.
  • A passion for playing and making games!


  • At least one shipped console or PC title; preferably on the Xbox and/or Playstation consoles.
  • Experience writing simulation code for components such as collisions, contact force calculation, fluid-dynamics, etc.
  • Exposure to GJK, Featherstone, continuous physics, union-find, sweep and prune and other game physics algorithms.
  • Experience with commercial game physics packages.
  • Experience with multithreaded/SPU programming.