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Rockstar San Diego
AI Programmer

Rockstar San Diego is seeking an AI programmer to help us create deep, immersive worlds driven by AI systems that engage and interact with the player. We believe strong AI has an unmatched ability to pull the player into the game experience and are on the fore-front of using AI to create believable dynamic worlds.

The ideal candidate will help us create the best open world experiences, and push the limits of Artificial Intelligence in areas such as pathfinding, combat, and decision-making, with a particular eye towards making it all look believable to the player. Applicants should be ready to work hand-in-hand with design and animation and thrive in a collaborative, iterative environment.


Reporting to the Lead Programmer, you will be responsible for implementing tasks to specifications. Within the AI team, you will work on a wide range of areas in an established codebase, such as:

  • Generating the navigation data that the characters use to traverse the landscape.
  • Improving the paths that the characters follow, so they move and avoid obstacles more naturally.
  • Creating realistic behaviors for characters in the world so they have objectives and purpose.
  • Making characters react realistically to the player interacting with them.
  • Work on strategies to produce fun and challenging combat encounters.


  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills.
  • 2+ years of professional experience with at least one shipped game title, preferably for Xbox360, PS3, XboxOne, or PS4 consoles.
  • Strong AI foundation with familiarity of modern game AI techniques.
  • A degree in computer science, mathematics, or equivalent.
  • Experience creating complex systems.
  • Demonstrable experience in developing AI navigation.
  • Experience with HFSMs and behavior trees.
  • Self-motivation.
  • Passion for playing and making great games.


  • Strong math skills, knowledge of vectors, matrices and linear algebra.
  • Good team communication skills.
  • Strong OO design understanding.
  • Prior experience in related areas, such as camera, animations, and game physics is desired.
  • Excellent problem solving ability.