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Rockstar North
Motion Graphics Designer

We are seeking a highly skilled Motion Graphics Designer to aid in the design of game interfaces, create gameplay visualisations and produce animated assets for our in-game brands. Working within the Global UI team, you will help define the player experience for our next generation of games.

The role is for an initial 12 month contract and can be based in either our Edinburgh or London office going forward with a Permanent role in Edinburgh.


  • Work closely with the 2D/UI Director and the Graphic Design team to help develop UI concepts.
  • Work with the UI Code team to develop visual effects which help inform gameplay.
  • Create gameplay visualisations which will showcase the look and feel of the player experience.
  • Design and produce animated brand assets for use both in-game and other external media.


  • Strong portfolio demonstrating an ability to work across a range of visual styles.
  • 3+ years experience of using Adobe After Effects and other design packages.
  • Experience of 3D software, preferably 3D Studio Max.
  • Great communication skills to work closely with our team based across the UK and US.
  • Organised with attention to detail.
  • Passion for playing and making games.


  • Experience working within the games industry.
  • Working knowledge of camera operation and live action shoots.
  • Experience of setting up cameras and effects creation within a game engine.
  • Experience of working and animating with Adobe Flash, on the timeline and / or with Actionscript.
  • Experience of producing and implementing audio effects.
  • Working knowledge of scripting or markup languages, eg Actionscript, Javascript, XML, HTML.