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Rockstar San Diego
Audio Programmer

Rockstar San Diego is looking for a talented and enthusiastic programmer to join our audio team. As well as strong C++ skills, candidates must have a passion for audio, and a desire to drive forward what can be achieved in open-world, narrative-led videogames. As part of Rockstar’s world-wide and award-winning audio team, the role involves close collaboration with sound designers to plan, implement, and tune audio systems across all our studios’ games.

Commercial experience working with audio middleware is an advantage, as is an understanding of digital signal processing – but strong general programming skills and a passion for audio is critical.

For suitable candidates, the role could also include development of Rockstar’s audio tool suite, using technologies such as .NET/C#.

If shaping the future of interactive audio excites you, come and join a team that’s committed to leading the industry.


  • Work within a team of sound designers to design and implement audio systems.
  • Support sound designers in their day-to-day work.
  • Work with Rockstar’s audio technology team to develop world-class audio middleware.
  • Work alongside the core programming team to manage the audio system’s performance and feature set.


  • A degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, or equivalent professional experience.
  • 2+ years of professional experience.


  • Excellent C++ programming skills.
  • Strong OO design.
  • Console development.
  • Use of audio middleware such as Wwise or FMod.
  • Understanding of audio concepts, data formats, and tools.
  • Understanding of Digital Signal Processing techniques.
  • .NET/C#, WPF, and Python, for optional audio tools development work.