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Rockstar North
Animation Technical Production Manager

Rockstar North is looking for an Animation Technical Production Manager to join its highly talented team in Edinburgh. The successful candidate would be responsible for assigning and directing work to an external team of animators, building and maintaining a healthy working relationship, and driving quality. They are expected to have an animation background.

The candidate will work closely with the local Animation department to understand the systems and mechanics, relaying this information to an established external team.


  • Work with Lead Animator to understand the systems, mechanics and pipelines of the in-game animation pipeline.
  • Ensure clear and consistent documentation of production pipeline.
  • Develop and maintain approval processes.
  • Critique, evaluate and feedback to outsourced team.
  • Manage studio feedback and deliver to the outsource team.


  • 3+ years of professional industry experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Art/Animation.
  • Prior experience of managing an outsourcing pipeline.
  • Exemplary communication and organisation skills.
  • Professional attitude and aptitude to learn.
  • Proficient with MotionBuilder.
  • Flexibility to travel to other studios.