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Rockstar San Diego
Network Programmer

Rockstar San Diego is looking for a networking programmer who specializes in the synchronization of the wide range of gameplay mechanics found in a Rockstar open world game. This position involves extensive collaboration with gameplay programmers and designers, so good communication skills and the desire to work closely with others are a must.


  • Integrate dynamic multiplayer into all areas of gameplay.
  • Extend and maintain core and mid-level solutions for efficient networking of complex open-world game environments.
  • Work with the game project team to integrate networking technology into game projects, identify extensions to that technology, and create those improvements.
  • Implement cross-platform abstractions for third-party online services, including Xbox Live and Sony NP.
  • Work with external vendors to develop solutions using and/or extending their online service SDKs.


  • 3+ years of professional experience with at least one shipped game title; preferably on the Xbox and/or Playstation consoles.
  • Prior experience synchronizing objects in bandwidth limited situations.
  • Experience working with common networking libraries.
  • Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or other Science degree.
  • Experience building networked implementations for complex game systems, including AI, physical simulation, object management, etc.
  • Familiarity with networking systems and their components including: DNS, NAT, firewalls, security methods, peer-to-peer and client server models.
  • Experience with online game service APIs, particularly Xbox Live, Sony NP, and Games for Windows Live.
  • Experience building robust, scalable backend systems and tuning those systems for performance and reliability.
  • Database design and administration experience.
  • Strong OO design understanding.
  • Desired - Console development experience.
  • Desired - Good math, in particular a working knowledge of vectors, quaternions and linear algebra.


  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills.
  • Good "can do" attitude with a service oriented personality.
  • Direct experience coding networking systems and solving networking problems.
  • Versatility and regularly proving a readiness to tackle new challenges.
  • A passion for playing and making games!