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Rockstar NYC
Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist

The Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist is responsible for shooting footage of gameplay for use in online and TV campaigns. In essence, this process is shooting in a virtual 3D game environment.  Detached camera controls allow for almost any shot imaginable. We need someone who loves games, can conceive of and execute the best-looking scenes and shots possible while playing, taking specific direction when needed.


  • Rapidly master new and unfinished games.
  • Work using technologies involved with a game in development, including debug features.
  • Problem-solve to achieve the best possible results while working within the confines of unfinished technology.
  • Work with varying levels of supervision and creative direction, ranging from complete autonomy to working with a director to capture a specific requested set of shots.
  • Work within a team environment to deliver outstanding still assets.


  • Expertise in video game playing. Are you able to complete every game you pick up faster than anyone else you know?
  • A visual aesthetic that can be demonstrated in previous work: in order to be considered you need to be able to demonstrate an ability with a real or virtual camera.
  • An enthusiasm for and extensive knowledge of movies, TV and music videos.
  • Ability to work as part of a team, including clear communication and a consistently positive attitude.
  • A strong work ethic and a desire to get the job done right no matter what.
  • Thorough understanding and passion for Rockstar games.


While no previous photography work experience is specifically required, if you don't have paid experience, you need to have a project with which you can demonstrate what you are capable of. If you do not have work you can attach as a link to a web site, or as part of your cover letter or resume, please do not apply for this position. Only people who are able to supply examples of their photographic/visual aesthetic will be considered. This is an artistic position, so we are required to see examples of your creativity.