Beaterator for PSP system and PlayStation Network puts a world-class mixer
at your fingertips - enabling easy, powerful and innovative creation.

Featuring original music and a sound-kit which includes thousands of loops
and sounds produced by Rockstar and multi-platinum producer and entertainer
Timbaland exclusively for Beaterator.

Beaterator for PSP system is now available worldwide. Beaterator is also available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Click here to purchase the US version directly from the iTunes App Store. For the European release, please click here.
Massive library of Loops and Sounds
Includes thousands of loops and sounds produced by Rockstar and multi-platinum producer and entertainer Timbaland exclusively for Beaterator.

Live Play
Perform songs in a totally live environment.

Song Crafter
Quickly and simply create whole songs.

Vocal Recorder
Add vocal accompaniment to your songs, recorded in real-time while your song plays.

Effects Editor
Add studio-quality effects to your songs such as reverb, chorus, delay and many others.

Listen to your songs alongside cool visuals that react to your music.

MIDI Import and Export
Import MIDI files from your Memory Stick Duo™ into songs, or export your songs and loops as MIDI files.

For the full Beaterator user manual as a PDF, click here.

Sound Recorder and Sound Editor
Record and edit your own sounds using your PSP system.

Drum Crafter
Use Beaterator to make your own killer beats. Use built-in drum kits or create your own custom kits.

Drum Pad Mode
Turn your PSP system into a set of Drum Pads and mash out beats live.

Melody Crafter
Create your own bass-lines and melodies. Use any sound that you like, or you can even use Beaterator's built-in Analog Synthesizer Emulator.

Audio Loop Crafter
Turn your sampled sounds into Loops.

Song Export
Export your songs to PC or MAC as a WAV file or directly upload your music to the Rockstar Social Club while on the go.

Make stirring harmonies even if you have no knowledge of music. Just like a Drum Pad, but for chords.

Watch this collection of hands-on videos with a range of folks showing what they can do with Beaterator for PSP System – from kids off the street, to respected music producers, to Timbaland himself. Also watch our collection of demo tutorial videos to help hone your portable music making skills.
Sessions: With Timbaland
Sessions: Off the Streets
Sessions: Artists Series
Demo Tutorials

Check out this set of Beaterator-made instrumentals - created using its built-in bank of thousands of original loops and sounds by Rockstar and Timbaland. Tracks below created by some professional music producer friends of Rockstar as well as a few of our own - some hip-hop, some dubstep, some techno and all points in between.

One of NYC's hottest DJs, DJ Ani Quinn , got together with R&B singer O'Neal McKnight – spent about 10 minutes with Beaterator PSP, got into the voice sampling microphone feature, and whipped up this little ditty in no time.

Neo da Matrix, producer of such records as "Air It Out" and "Can't Stop Me" by Jadakiss, "AM to the PM" by Cassidy, and "Mic Check" by Juelz Santana, hooked up a bunch of beats using Beaterator PSP including this crisp club-ready original instrumental.

Here's some creations we worked-up in-house – made entirely and exclusively with Beaterator PSP's internal sound kit of thousands of samples and loops.

After you've banged out your masterpieces on Beaterator PSP, upload and share them with the community over at Rockstar Games Social Club and take advantage of all the exclusive online features available:
  • Upload your tracks directly to the Social Club via the PSP and share them with other Beaterator community Artists
  • Download other Artists' shared Project Files from the site back to your PSP and create your own remix. Collaborate back and forth with your Friends at will.
  • Directly comment on and rate the productions of Beaterator community Artists – share ideas and tips to help take each other's music to the next level
  • Assemble a custom playlist of all of your favorite Beaterator songs that community Artists have posted worldwide
  • Store up to 100 of your original Beaterator tracks on the Social Club
  • Read up on user tips and tricks in our online help section to help master the entire music making tool suite in Beaterator PSP
All of these features are available now for Beaterator users over at the Social Club.
Beaterator brings the power of music-creation to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Rockstar Games and multi-platinum selling producer Timbaland have designed an incredibly simple to use and portable music making application that allows everyone to create their own music anywhere.

Use the Loops Mode to build and record your own song in just a few seconds using loops and sounds provided by Rockstar Games and Timbaland, then jump into the Song Mode to perfect the song you’ve just created.
Beaterator lets you remix pre-loaded songs and upload anything you’ve created to the Rockstar Games Social Club where you can share your creation with your peers and try your hand at remixing their songs.

Beaterator makes it easy to create new songs in minutes.

Click here to purchase the US version directly from the iTunes App Store. For the European release, please click here.

Click here to purchase Beaterator for iPhone™ / iPod® Touch directly from the iTunes App Store (US version).
For the European release, please click here.